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Matt's SLAP Tear Surgery and Recovery

Posted on June 16, 2016 at 11:55 AM

Here’s the story of Matt E., friend of HHS.

Matt is an avid kayaker and outdoorsman. If you are going camping, you must ask Matt to come along; he cooks the best steaks! He’s very authentic and generous with his time and skills.

Matt has been kayaking for 20+ years. He does most of his kayaking in Montana, Idaho and Wyoming; and he admits that he does it for the chicks. He averages 60 - 70 days on the river every year. It is currently June of 2016 and Matt has already done 60 days on the river.

But all that kayaking can really do a number on a person’s shoulders. In 2015, Matt had a SLAP tear repair surgery on his shoulder; the doctor also removed some arthritis during the surgery. This involved arthroscopy surgery, keeping the shoulder and arm immobile in a sling for several weeks, followed by physical therapy. Typical recovery is 10 - 12 months.

After surgery Matt diligently went to physical therapy three times a week. He was scheduled to do this for 16 weeks. He also rented time in one of our hyperbaric chambers. Matt spent 1.5 - 2 hours per session in the chamber and did 3 - 4 sessions per week. All total Matt did about 30 sessions in the hyperbaric chamber.

Initially, while Matt’s arm was in the sling, we had to help him get in an out of the chamber. With a heavy-duty buckle and dual zipper system that runs along the side, this was a little more than Matt could handle with one arm. But after a few sessions Matt was gaining mobility and able to work the strap and zippers on his own.

Right away Matt noticed that he was recovering from his physical therapy sessions faster. Once he got out of the sling, Matt was able to go back to work and almost move his arm normally throughout the day. He verbally noted that the soreness associated with physical therapy and work was greatly reduced. He wasn’t in as much pain and was able to sleep better as his shoulder recovered. His range of movement was also improving quickly.

His physical therapist was also noticing the improvement. Thanks to Matt’s sessions in the hyperbaric chamber, his physical therapist shortened his therapy sessions by HALF! That’s 8 weeks of physical therapy Matt didn’t have to do or pay for. He was able to save himself some big bucks on those medical bills.

Why did this work for Matt? Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy forces oxygen into your body. Your body uses this oxygen to heal and because the body is healing itself faster, inflammation is significantly reduced. It’s the inflammation that makes you cranky and feel like you can’t move. Reduce the inflammation and you may experience tenderness but not the bone-weary soreness that keeps you up at night or keeps you dependent on pain pills.

These are Matt’s results (and no, we did not get this reviewed by any medical or government agency). Your results will be different, but no less impressive. These treatments are so easy. You get an hour or two of quiet time during every session. No one can bother you. And the effects can be felt even through the next day. If you want to learn more about how hyperbaric oxygen therapy may be able to help you, give us call and let’s chat.

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